Web-Cab from the "Elite-Taxi"

10 May 2014

Dear customers!

From 1 April 2013 on the official website of the company "Elite-taxi", in the test mode started service Web-Cab.

Web-Cab from the "Elite-taxi" new, reliable and modern way for ordering taxi via the Internet.

The main purpose of creating Web service-Cab from the "Elite-taxi" is the care of the client, providing more comfortable conditions for the use of our services and improving their quality.

Installing the Web-Cab will not take you much time, and its use will provide an opportunity to order a taxi without calling the dispatcher.

The advantages of Web-Cab from the "Elite-taxi" in comparison with other services for online order a taxi undisputed:

- Fastest order a taxi: order is only sent to free auto and closest to you (no more than 30 seconds)

- Possibility to choose the car class ("Standard", "Business", "Premium" or "Without class")

- Instant calculation of the cost after filling in the "Your address" and " Arrival address".

- The possibility of establishing a trip in multiple locations.

- You have access to all additional services from the "Elite-taxi" (the possibility of paying by credit cards, Wi-Fi in the car and others).

- The timer shows the time until the arrival of the taxi, and the movement of the car you can see on the online map service Web-Cab.

- Service Web-Cab is developed specifically for the company "Elite-taxi", you can be sure that to your order will be submitted only the cars of "Elite-taxi".

Taxi booking in Kiev through the service Web Cab will allow you to save much time, see the history of visits and leave comments about the quality of service by taxi drivers. Comments will be available to all users, which will allow the company "Elite-taxi" has effective control over the drivers.

Service Web-Cab has a type of web site, to authorize use your mobile number and password (unique for each client, who can be received via an SMS message sent by the service).

Dear customers, using the service Web-Cab, you agree and never denied its consent to receive promotional SMS from the company "Elite-taxi" and also agree to receive them in the future.

Sending SMS messages required for the authorization and activation of service. Rest assured, the company "Elite-taxi" has never used the annoying SMS newsletters to advertise your services and will not send You advertising messages.

Web-Cab is designed by our experts based on the experience of leading foreign companies with the adaptation to our market. This is a new in its content the product is aimed primarily at providing our customers with quality service from the "Elite-taxi" alternative, modern way. In the near future we plan to introduce a mobile version of the Web-Cab.

The administration of the company will be grateful to you for using Web-Cab. Important for us its absolutely all comments and suggestions you can send to e-mail: mailto:mail@elit-taxi.ua

Sincerely, the Administration of the company "Elite-taxi"