08 September 2011

At the airport "Borispol" there was a single taxi: the airport authority signed with the company "Elite-Taxi" contract for service of passengers.

According to the newspaper "Segodnya"

(№197 (3914)), "Borispol" reported that on 1 September a contract was signed with a private carrier. "The company has passed the competition and appeared the best of all defined criteria," - said the press Secretary of the airport Oksana OZHIGOVA.

New taxi drivers working at terminals "B" and "F". It looks like in Europe: in front of the airport passengers waiting for the machine checkered, the passenger gets in the car and immediately considered the fare - it is displayed on the scoreboard.

Another innovation is the availability of terminals for payment by credit card right in the car and even the ability to recharge your mobile. Drivers "Elite-taxi" say that all the cars are foreign and not older than 5 years inspection, air conditioning, licensed.

 To outsiders taxis could not drive to the airport, all legally issued magnetic cards which open the barrier to entry. Managers at the airport Hands free suggest passengers to choose only legal taxis. "Berkut" fights with strangers drivers.

Travel on the new cab is slightly more expensive than the prices shown on the large map at the airport (here the price from 160 to 240 UAH). "Our work has become less, but not much. Because most people want to go on described in the table rates and these carry more. So people come up to us", - told the newspaper one of the illegal taxi drivers. He felt that the center will take over 220 UAH, and on a Great Circle — for 240. At the same time, a new cab counted us 249 and 271 UAH respectively. However, there is a third, the most profitable option - to call a taxi to the airport through one of the taxi services, the newspaper notes. These will carry to independence square for 160 -180 on a Great circle – 170 - 200.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in July this year on a press-conference Vice Prime Minister - Minister of infrastructure Borys KOLESNIKOV said that in October in "Borispol" will start to operate a new taxi service.

To provide this service, "Ukrzaliznytsya" and the airport "Borispol" was going to buy 500 cars. It was said that these cars will be equipped with air conditioning, modern counters, and other devices necessary for quick and comfortable travel of passengers.

KOLESNIKOV said earlier that after learning about these plans, their services the state has offered several private companies, however, because there is no confidence in their ability to fulfill their obligations, they were denied.

The organization of the single cab is part of the preparation for the championship Euro-2012.

Information agency - UNIAN

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