When is the best time to order a taxi, given the curfew - recommendations

21 June 2022

Stayed at friends', and curfew is near? Should you count on a taxi and what you need to know before ordering a car - advice from drivers



The Kyiv "Elit Taxi" service published on its official Instagram account recommendations on how to call a taxi correctly if the curfew is approaching.


To get to the right place on time, not to violate martial law and not to be detained by law enforcement agencies, you should follow a few simple rules:



  • Order a taxi about an hour before curfew. So you can get to the right place on time, and the driver will have enough time to return home.
  • Remember that the earlier you make an order, the more chances you have to find a free car with a driver.
  • Make advance orders. This will not only increase the chance of finding a car for you on time, but also you will not miss the moment of ordering by talking to your friends.
  • Follow the curfew rules. Don't forget, the police have the right to detain you if you find yourself on the street or in a taxi after 11:00 p.m.


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Editor - Міла Тодоренко